What You Need To Know About Acupuncture

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For most people, Acupuncture is something that the Chinese do when they become sick but the truth is that there is very little that most of us really know about it. Most people get amazed when they get enough information and their eyes get opened with regards to this ancient medical treatment and open your eyes to its potential use to improve your own health. It is now becoming apparent that acupuncture has an important role in today’s hectic life style which is full of frustrations, illness, stress, anxiety, uncertainty and other problems that are a part of everyday living.

It is important to start by making it clear that you can actually prevent many illnesses from occurring or giving you a lot of trouble; acupuncture was used by the Chinese to maintain good health and while they remained healthy, their practitioner was paid. However if they became ill or sick, payment was stopped and they were treated free of charge. The reason they payment ceased was simple; a trained acupuncturist is able to adjust the flow of energy in the body by the use of very thin needles that are inserted quite often only to skin depth. He or she can tell exactly the condition of each organ in the body, whether it is over or under performing.

The performance of acupuncture is governed by the flow of energy passing through the needles and it is this correct flow of energy that is essential for the maintenance of good health. The practitioner will detect these flow problems before the patient is aware of anything going wrong. If one organ is slow in passing the energy through it, then the organs next in line will not get their correct flow of energy and thus are not able to perform at their peak. The task of the acupuncturist is to maintain correct energy flow throughout the whole of the body.


When it comes to today’s illnesses and sicknesses, when a body is not in a healthy state then it is prone to attack by a myriad of aliens which can lead to many different complaints. These complaints can range from migraines, asthma, hay fever, sciatica, sleeplessness and anxiety to more serious problems such as cancer of various types, infertility, nervous disorders, other allergies and others.

More and more Western doctors are coming to realize that many patients that are not responding to modern drugs can often be helped by asking them to try acupuncture. They now understand what has been known for many years by the Chinese, that prevention is better than a cure. Even those patients who have failed to respond to drugs have reported a return to good health after undergoing acupuncture.