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Over the last twenty years teen obesity has become a serious problem.  It is a problem that is commonly seen during adolescence.  A common eating disorder that is often associated with obesity in teens is binge eating.  Being overweight during the teen years can come from many different reasons like lack of exercise, overeating, not eating healthy, eating a lot of fast food, heredity, etc.  To help prevent medical problems like high blood pressure, sleep apnea, etc overweight teens need to have a weight loss program set up for them by their physician.  They will need to make dietary changes and exercise to lose weight and become healthy.

Dietary changes

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid junk food and replace with fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Strictly avoid fast foods, foods that are high in fat or sugar, processed foods, and artificial beverages
  • Reducing the amount of carbohydrates and replace with a high-protein diet
  • Have a high fiber diet that includes whole grains, and fresh vegetables and fruits as these are all very filling and on some it acts like a natural appetite suppressant
  • To help improve your metabolism eat fish like tuna and salmon, which have a lot of omega 3 essential fatty acids.


  • Do at least thirty minutes of cardio exercise each day. These can include running or walking on a treadmill, playing different sports, swimming.  These will increase your metabolism and help you burn any extra calories
  • Walking is an effective exercise to lose weight.
  • Try to join in the various activities and sports at school like swimming, football, basketball, tennis, etc.

For weight loss make sure that you are keeping a food diary so you can write down what you eat in a day.  This will help you know what you need to remove from your diet and how much you need to cut in calories per day.  Losing weight takes time.  Be patient and do not resort to weight loss pills.